Winter Home Tips

Winter Home Tips

1.       Check your fireplace

While a fireplace can bring on all of the warm, cozy, snuggly winter feels, when not in use it can actually be a pesky source of heat loss. If the flue were to be left open, it can actually act as a big giant open window letting all of the warm air in your house escape. While not using your fireplace, be sure to close the flue, or even consider some heat resistant glass doors to help keep your home perfectly cozy.

2.       Ceiling Fans: Use them!

Though it seems counterintuitive, ceiling fans can actually help to keep the heat in! Almost all ceiling fans come with a reversible motor, so be sure to flip the switch, and the fan will push the warm air rising back down to the room.

3.       Caulking Window and Door Trim

Caulking window and door trim is one of the easiest yet most rarely performed chores among homeowners. Gaps and empty spaces can get awfully drafty, and carving out some time to fill in those gaps will very beneficial.

4.       Door Sweeps

No, this doesn’t mean the doors are taking over household chores! Installing door sweeps are easily installed and keep those toes safe from pesky drafts sneaking into your house. Not only are door sweeps simple to install and keep the warm air in, they also help keep critters out!

5.       Install a Programmable Thermostat

This one can bring in BIG savings! Installing a programmable thermostat can potentially knock off 10-20 percent of your energy bills, plus it works equally as well in the summer months. These are easy to install and have a great return on investment!

Now that you are saving all sorts of money with our winter tips, go out and plan a beach vacation!

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