The Capitol Avenue Bronze Project Installs Three More Beautiful Statues

The Capitol Avenue Bronze Project Installs Three More Beautiful Statues

On December 8th The Capitol Avenue Bronze Project installed three more beautiful bronzes on Capitol Avenue in downtown Cheyenne. These are the second in a series of bronzes that will eventually be installed on the corners of Capitol Avenue from the historic train depot to the Capitol. The bronzes are in honor of the history and heritage of the people of Cheyenne and Wyoming and depict images of the American West, its people, and wildlife. All bronzes are generously donated by private individuals and families as their gift to the city and the state.

"Dakota Wind" by Sculptor Martha Pettigrew. The sculpture was donated by Jim and Phyllis O'Connor.

"Dakota Wind" by Martha Pettigrew, was gifted to Cheyenne by Phyllis and Jim O’Connor, who have lived in Cheyenne since 1977. Jim is retired from the Wyoming Department of Transportation and Phyllis is retired from Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. They are pleased to be part of the Capitol Avenue Bronze Project and hope it will bring much joy to all who visit downtown Cheyenne. This exquisite bronze was installed at the corner of 16th (Lincolnway) and Capitol Ave.  

"Norma's Calf" by Sculptor Rich Haines. The sculpture was donated by Howard, Bob, Shirley, Joe & Harvey Deselms.

"Norma’s Calf" by Rich Haines was donated by Harvey Deselms and his siblings, whom wanted to be a part of the project and honor the memory of their parents Kenneth and Norma. Norma took sculptor Rich Haines around the family ranch to show him her favorite calf, thus the title of the piece “Norma’s Calf”.

Harvey Deselms opened his art gallery, Deselms Fine Art and Custom Framing in June of 1993 and has been an advocate for art in public places ever since. He has had a part in several sculptures around town and believes that sculpture helps build a pride of place feeling for the locals and offers visitors a glimpse at Wyoming’s history, culture, and art scene.

"Promise of the Prairie" by Sculptor George Lundeen. The sculpture was donated by Dr. Bob Prentice and Dr. Sandra Surbrugg.

"Promise of the Prairie" by George Lundeen now lives on 22nd and Capitol thanks to Dr. Sandra Surbrugg and Dr. Robert Prentice. Dr. Bob Prentice was a pediatrician at the Cheyenne Children’s Clinic for more than 45 years. Dr. Sandra Surbrugg is a dermatologist at the Cheyenne Skin Clinic. They are longtime sponsors of the arts, the Cheyenne Symphony, LCCC, and Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. They think the Capitol Avenue Bronze Project will add beauty and historical interest to Cheyenne’s downtown district. They chose the “Promise of the Prairie” because they want to honor the families of Wyoming who took a chance for the promise and hope of a better life.

So far nine bronzes have been installed along Capitol Ave with 25 more to come over the next several months. Don Jones and Jake Johnson from H F Johnson Masonry has been involved in making the installations happen.

For more information on the project or how to donate a bronze, please contact Harvey Deselms at or Nathaniel Trelease at or visit