Marie Kondo: Organizational Trendsetter

Marie Kondo: Organizational Trendsetter

What sparks joy in your life? Chances are it isn't the disarranged linens, jumbled utensils, or the gifts Aunt Susie keeps sending that just fill up space and collect dust. What if there was a way to revitalize your space and turn it into a sanctuary of peace and ingenuity?

You're in luck! Marie Kondo is an organizational expert who has been teaching people from all different walks of life how to properly de-clutter and not only transform their homes, but their entire lifestyles! From completely eliminating all clutter in your house to giving thanks to everything you've owned, we can all benefit from learning better ways to organize and it keep sustainable!

Below you will find several blogs that highlight the skillful advice of this very like-able new trendsetter. You can also check out her Netflix series, Tidying Up for some added inspiration!

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