Weather Survival: How To Survive a Major Hail Storm in Cheyenne, WY.

Weather Survival: How To Survive a Major Hail Storm in Cheyenne, WY.

This past weekend, many communities in Cheyenne were struck by a relentless storm of hail that damaged homes and vehicles. We're here to give you the "low down" of what to do when hail strikes your area!

Where does hail come from? The Pellets of hail form when strong air currents known as updrafts carry water droplets to a height where they freeze. When the hail “stones” gather more moisture and grow too big to be supported by the updraft, they fall to the ground as speeds up to 100 mph! The largest hail storm ever recorded in the U.S was in South Dakota in July 2010, which manifested hail stones as large as 8 inches in diameter.

Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to prevent injury.

Step 1: Seek shelter. Even if it’s just a car, stay underneath a roof. It may sound scary inside a car with hail pelting the roof, but it’s far scarier to be outside with no cover.  

Step 2: Steer clear of windows & skylights. If the hail hits at the right angle, it could shatter the window, leaving more risk of injury.

Step  3: If you have no shelter at all, cover your head with your folded arms and crouch. Protect your skull and spine with anything available. A backpack, a book, a slab of bark, or anything else that will shield your head and spine from direct hailstone strikes.

Have you been affected by hail this year? Tell us about your freaky weather by leaving a comment or posting a photo!