Fight The Winter Humdrum With A Boot Scavenger Hunt

Fight The Winter Humdrum With A Boot Scavenger Hunt

The winter months can be long and boring especially for families with children. If you are looking for something fun to do with your family when winter boredom sets in, how about a scavenger hunt for the Big Boots of Cheyenne. The Big Boots are eight-foot tall fiberglass boots, each painted with whimsical, historical or even scientific themes. There are over 25 boots throughout Cheyenne. Not only are these boots beautiful and fun to look at, many of the boots are a great representation of Wyoming's history.

To start out on your boot exploring adventure you can pick up a map at the Cheyenne Depot in the Visitors Center. “These Boots Are Made For Talking” brochures provide a map of the location of the Boots, and a phone number for an audio tour. Simply call 307-316-0067, input the number of the Boot that you are standing in front of, and you’ll hear the voice of the artist sharing his or her vision for the Boot and what story they wished to tell.

In 2004 the Cheyenne Depot Museum Foundation along with the Downtown Development Authority created "These Boots are made for Talking" project. Artists from the Rocky Mountain region were contacted and commissioned to paint a Boot. The theme for the project for the artists was “If this boot could talk, what story would it tell?” The boots were sponsored by local business and auctioned off at a fundraiser, where nearly $100,000 was raised for the Cheyenne Depot Museum Endowment fund to benefit the museum.

Jill Pope, who was an artist for two of the Boots (“Don’t Feed the Animals,” part of the original 24 Boots, and “Milestones: Chamber 100th Anniversary,” commissioned later), has had pictures of her boots show up in newspapers in Sacramento, Chicago, and even on a cover of a Japanese tour book. Pope stated “It’s a wonderful thing for the community. …working here out of the Historic Depot building I see tourists every single day taking photos of those Boots.”

"Springtime in Cheyenne" at #1 Properties

#1 Properties is a proud owner of the boot called “Springtime in Cheyenne” painted by Rose Burrows. This beautiful boot features illustrations of several historic Cheyenne homes in springtime, and can be found at 6106 N. Yellowstone Road.

The Depot Museum is looking to continue the boot project with the "Re-Boot Program", which consists of another go 'round of boots for the Cheyenne community. Local businesses can participate in the program to get their very own customized Big Boot.

In fact in 2019, Wyoming Bank & Trust commissioned a boot to commemorate its 100th year in business. The paintings on the boot help recognize the Centennial Anniversary of Wyoming Bank & Trust, and can be seen at 5827 Yellowstone Road. Dennis Wallace bought the bank when he was 29 years old, and he was recently inducted into the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce Circle of Champions to honor his leadership and career. This boot is a great representation of all his hard work throughout the years.