8 Tips To Help Prepare Your Home For Fall

8 Tips To Help Prepare Your Home For Fall

With fall right around the corner, there are some important preparations that will put your home in tip-top shape for winter. We've gathered the most important Fall home maintenance tasks to get you and your home ready for this next season.

1. Clean Your Gutters

If rain gutters are blocked they can overflow which can cause water damage to your home, including the foundation and basement. Make sure to clear out any leaves, branches, or debris from the gutter.

2. Check For Drafts

Heat loss through windows is responsible for 25-30 percent of heating energy use, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Any easy way to help cut down on drafts is to use weather-stripping.

3. Blow Out Sprinkler System

Before temperatures drop bellow freezing, it is important to blow out your sprinkler system. Also don't forget to disconnect all garden hoses from outside spigots to prevent any water freezing.

4. Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

During winter, warm air rises up to the ceiling while cool air will stay close to the ground. By flipping a switch and reversing your ceiling fan, cool air is forced up, and warmer air is pushed down keeping you warmer.

5. Fertilize Your Lawn

Applying fall lawn fertilizer will help prevent winter damage and spring weeds. Your lawn will be ahead of the game when spring comes around.

6. Change Your Filters

If filters are clogged, it's harder to keep your home at the temperature you want it too be which will increase your heating bills. Disposable filters can be vacuumed one time before you replace it, and foam filters can just be vacuumed and not replaced.

7. Change Smoke Detectors

Replace all batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home. Once you've replaced the batteries, press the test button to insure they are working properly.

8. Plant Bulbs For Spring-Blooming Flowers

For beautiful spring flowers, it is important to plant bulbs during the Fall. Some popular spring-blooming flowers include: tulips, iris, daffodils, hyacinth and lilies.