4 Reasons Why Staging Is Critical

4 Reasons Why Staging Is Critical

If you are selling your home and are wondering if staging your house would be worth it, the clear answer is yes! Staging is an important way to help buyers visualize how a home's living area can best be used. Plus staging adds value especially if your home is currently vacant. Here are 4 great reasons on why it is important to stage your home.

1) Empty Rooms Easily Show Flaws

Regardless of how well you have upkept your home, no room is perfect. Empty rooms are especially telling. Without furniture to spruce up the space, potential buyers will focus on any flaws that may be sticking out like a sore thumb.

2) Empty Rooms Can Feel Cold and Lifeless

Unstaged rooms do not feel inviting where as a room with furniture has more character and warmth. Potential home buyers need to be able to make an "emotional connection" to your home. You wan't them to be able to fall in love and be inspired by what might just be their future home. Staged rooms help draw on those emotions and connections.

3) Empty Rooms Tend to Always Look Smaller Than They Really Are

The reason empty rooms tend to appear smaller than they really are is, because without furniture there is no frame or reference for the buyer to go off of. It makes it really hard for them to visualize what the room could look like, and how it might function when there is no furniture present.

4) Staging Typically Increases The Value Of Your Home

A study from the Appraisal Institute found that vacant houses tend to sell for 6% less than occupied houses. Vacant homes were also shown to stay on the market twice as long as furnished homes.